Friday, January 13, 2012

Excess Baggage

If I were to get a divorce (might happen), and heaven for-fend I should meet someone else that I liked (wont happen) should I just get them to read this blog first?

Who can be bothered rehashing all this dross that I carry around in my head, let alone trying to get someone new to understand it and then to accept the person it belongs to?  "You want a date? Here's the dossier. Still interested?"

If I knew all these things about a prospective partner, I would run a mile.

This is not where my life was supposed to go. I was not supposed to get to 8 years of marriage and not want to be here anymore. I certainly wasn't supposed to get to this point and have no freaking options about how this gets played out.  Feeling trapped like this makes me want to puke.


  1. Sigh... I'm sorry about all you're going through. And I'm glad you're blogging -- I hope it helps you!

    I have made many very good friends through blogging in the past 7 years, blogging is a really good, unique window into someone's soul. If someone truly cares for you they should read your blog. I think it will make any person you meet to know you better. After all, the back story to all this is REALLY important. I remember when you got pregnant (I found your blog through Manuela's -- does anyone know how she's doing?).

    Anyway, all of that to say that for me the answer is YES, you should definitely direct future friends to your blog. (I read people's archives all the time and I LOVE to get to know more about them).

  2. Sharon, the only thing we can know for sure is that NOTHING is ever static. This horrible illness you are dealing with will evolve, and once the meds are balanced (which is why I've always been terrified of dealing with this myself, knowing that finding the right meds are the worst part of all) it WILL change, and it WILL get better. Just try to hold on. That is a colossal achievement on its own. Just. Hold. On. You don't need to do a solitary other thing.


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