Tuesday, May 30, 2006


There's a New Cat On The Block, in need of tummy rubs and ear scritches. Welcome, Mini Miao!

Monday, May 29, 2006

The "F-Word" Strikes Again

Well today is yet another day on which I have to come to terms with the fact that my body is completely fucked and wont do what its supposed to with regards to babies.

Spudly only put on 50g over the last week, despite the fact that I had done everything the same as the previous two weeks when he gained 100g per week. The Child Health Nurse said that since I was being worn down from the constant feeding and he wasnt gaining enough we had no choice but to introduce complimentary formula feeds inbetween 3 hourly breastfeeds. The theory is that if I can get him to go 3 hours between breastfeeds then he'll take more from me, stimulate me better than he does while snacking and I'll get enough rest to increase the fat content of my milk too.

I know this isnt the end of the world and formula-fed babies do just as well blah blah blah, but it would be nice if SOMETHING would go the way its "supposed to". So far, everything that I've been totally against I've ended up having to accept: drugs during labour, intervention during delivery and now the formula that I've been so vocally against for so many reasons. Truly, the thought of giving Spudly anything but breast milk makes me feel sick, and like I've failed him.

An Exceptional Child

  • Since birth he has slept through the night.
  • Since birth he has been able to hold his head up.
  • At two weeks, he smiled for the first time, indicating poo was on its way.
  • At four weeks he smiled properly, indicating mum was a bit of a goofball.
  • At five weeks he rolled over, but has chosen not to repeat this performance since.
  • At 6 weeks he almost laughed.
  • At 7 weeks he started making gurgly noises.
  • At 7 weeks he indicated his preference for Jamiroquai to de-stress.

I'm hoping at 8 weeks he decides that a daytime sleep is a Great Idea Mum.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Thought Of The Day

I've had lots of thoughts running through my head recently. Usually they're doing just that though; running through. They dont like to hang around much at the moment. Perhaps the decor needs changing? Some of these thoughts I've wanted to turn into blog posts but it seems that whenever I sit down to write nothing comes out. My brain is a big fat zero.

I'm sure from an evolutionary perspective this is a good thing. Nature can't have us women running around and paying attention to solving world hunger or trying to understand what's going on with oil pricing or exactly what that is the cat just threw up. We have to pay attention to the small squirming thing that wants to attach itself to our breasts AGAIN, and we have to not get distracted from doing so. My intellectual side tells me I should be doing something more "productive" with my day, presumably writing that treatise on The Fundamental Interconnectedness of All Things. But unlike at university, when suddenly needing to paint the kitchen seemed a valid distraction from swatting for exams*, the non-intellectual pursuit of sitting and feeding or rocking and bouncing or pacing back and forth while feeding and rocking IS the main event. It IS the "more productive" thing I should be doing.

I always felt like I needed to be doing something really important and being a great success. Its really hard to get my head around the fact that the most important thing I can be doing is being a Stay At Home Mum.

*I actually did this. Ist year Classics exam. Painted the kitchen blue.

Monday, May 15, 2006

So I'm Hormonal. Sue Me.

Lunch yesterday was really lovely. Monkey Boy's sister Vegan Girl and her partner went OTT with the food, which was divine. Monkey-Mamma went OTT with the provision of alcohol, some of which unfortunately ended up on Felix's head courtesy of bad mothering on my part. Monkey Boy's other sister, Hippy Chick, went OTT with the high-pitched squeals of delight at "Gidget Face".

Now, I'm not one to be all materialistic and pout about "not getting stuff". Birthdays, Chrisbo, Valentine's Day; they all pass me by and I could care less. But sometimes...sometimes there are occasions that deserve to be marked and acknowledged in some small but meaningful way.

I know he's only 5 weeks old, so getting to the shops is a little difficult, but I do feel that after all I've done for him*, Felix could have got his representative** to cobble together a little something that celebrated the fact that this was my first Mothers' Day and that it might actually mean something to me.

Sitting up late on my own to watch the special Mothers Day screening of Love Actually with a MD card on my mantelpiece sent to me by one of my dear "internet friends" didnt do much to cement my feelings of being appreciated.

That is all I shall say on the matter.

* I hereby swear I will never use this phrase in parenting ever again.
**Not pointing fingers, but someone hairy who likes bananas.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

A Few Piccies to Celebrate Mothers' Day

After two days of constant feeding, I'm willing to admit that perhaps Spud is in a growth spurt. Last night I actually ran out of milk. The dreaded "F" word* was used. Dismissed, but used nonetheless. He wouldnt stop screaming and nothing I did made any difference. Monkey Boy comes in to the bedroom and puts Spud over his shoulder and he stops screaming. Like Magic. Monkey Magic. I'm trying to not take it personally.

Today we are having lunch with the in-laws. All of them. Sisters, partners, parents and grandparents. This will be the first time the entire Monkey Boy Clan has been together in several years. After the rift that occured prior to our wedding, I'm so pleased that a little bundle of cuteness has managed to bring everyone together. I'm sure that Monkey-Mamma will be getting what she wants most for her Mothers' Day.

Most certainly I've got what I wanted most:


Saturday, May 13, 2006

I'm Just Wondering...

If somebody said, upon looking at a photo of you, that you "look almost beautiful" would you be offended?

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

They Grow Up So Fast

Yesterday Spudly managed two remarkable things:

1. He is now over his birthweight. 4050 grams to be precise. The nurse reckons whatever we're doing we should continue with as its working a treat. Oh, except for the devouring of an entire block of chocolate on my own. As we discovered this morning, this leads to explosive and copious amounts of poo. Everywhere.

2. He rolled over by himself. He can't quite work out how to get back once he's on his tummy, but I'm amazed that he can get himself there in the first place. He just lies there, all scrinched up, rocking back and forth like he's trying to work out this crawling thing. Or maybe he's thinking "calm blue ocean...calm blue ocean".

Actually, come to think of it, he managed more than two remarkable things yesterday. He also had a bath without screaming. In fact, he seemed to really enjoy it. He also slept for three hours in the middle of the day. In his bed. On his own. Three hours. Sigh...

How d'you like his battle helmet hat? His great-grandma knitted it for him, along with a lovely matching 1950's style "pram set" that needs one of those enormous 19th century prams to go with it. Totally impractical but I love it for its kitsch value.

Monday, May 08, 2006

The Prophet Google

What does it mean that for the comments from my last post, the sponsored links in my gmail account say "Women Dont Like You"?

Sunday, May 07, 2006

One Month

Has it really been a month since this little person was pulled unceremoniously from my body? The ticker says a month, so I guess that's right. To me it feels like one very long day.

What has happened in that time?

  • We've got the hang of breastfeeding, with random bouts of blocked milk ducts and sore nipples.
  • I've figured out that crying means hunger and a particular frequency of yelping means tummy pain.
  • I've also realised that the smiles dont mean "you're heaps funny, mum", but "I've just done a big stinky poo that you have to clean up. Suckers." Which, surprisingly, I dont mind doing at all.
  • The Baby Blues lasted all of two days.
  • When he cries there is no possible way of ignoring it and I swear sometimes it will rip my heart out.
  • Someone can be so cute you want to eat them.
  • A bunch of other stuff that I cant remember because my brain has taken a very long holiday.
  • Some other things that I cant remember because he's just started screaming again and I cant think about anything other than getting him to stop.
Bloody hell, at this rate I'm going to have the world's most boring blog.

One Day I Will Stop Writing These Posts

Its Sunday. Its lunchtime. You will notice that I am posting on my blog and NOT sitting down to a birthday lunch with my fucked up family.

I am so tired that even if I wanted to go, it would have been a bad idea.

On Thursday, Monkey Boy and I did the expected thing and popped in to see my parents on the way home from our grocery shopping expedition and introduce Spudly to them. It was uncomfortable, to say the least. Spudly, the little darling, decided to start screaming as soon as we pulled up outside, so obviously we couldnt stay long. Gotta love that boy.

Really, I had absolutely nothing to say. Well, nothing that I havent already said before in response to my mother's inane drivelling about dad's memory being "a bit of a problem" and the fact that she cancelled his last doctors appointment and how its so hard for her to get around with the walking frame and she keeps hurting herself trying to do the vacuuming, blah blah blah. Monkey Boy and I just looked at each other.

Now, given the previous post, you might have some idea of how thrilled I was when my mother said to Spudly upon his screaming "isnt she feeding you?"

You couldnt get me out of there quick enough.

Neither Monkey Boy nor I said anythign about the visit when we left. Some time after we got home he said "are you impressed I havent made any comments about your retarded mother?" Yes. Yes I was. I was also impressed with myself that I had no need to vent upon leaving. We both knew what the other was thinking.

Something along the lines of "let's never do that again."

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Hunger Pangs

So the Child Health Nurse came out today for her first visit, and now we know why Spudly has been crying so much.

He's hungry.

In two weeks he's only gained 120g. It should be double that. He hasnt even got back to his birthweight yet.

First my uterus is unremarkable, then my ovaries are polycystic, my placenta is too low, then my cervix doesnt want to open, and now my boobs arent producing the goods.

Is there ANY part of my body that would like to function properly?

Monday, May 01, 2006

Happy Anniversary To Me

Today is the 1st anniversary of my foray into the world of blogging, and I feel it behooves me to mark it in some way.

Possibly by finding a way in which to use the word "behooves".

I've been reading through my first posts here, and am struck by a couple of things:

1. I am disgusted by the fact that I was using terminology such as "BD", "AF" and "CM" rather than just writing normal everyday words like "shagging", "period" and "cervical mucous". UGH. Its just too cringe-worthy. Of course, I had not yet come across the term "crimson bitch". I had to read Mollywogger for that one. At least I didnt sprinkle goddamn babydust anywhere.

2. I was sooooo hyper-stressed. I have a tendency to forget the exact emotional state I was in for a given experience and often minimise it to myself, most likely as a protective measure. Reading back what was going through my head and just the tone of those posts when I realised that we were officially infertile, it is obvious to me just how much on a knife edge I was all the time. No bloody wonder I ended up on Prozac.

From this exercise in revisiting the past I can really appreciate how far I've come, how much my snark-factor has increased, how much I've learned about myself and the enormity of the experience of trying so desperately to start our family. In twelve months I have morphed into another person, completely unrecognisable from the scared, angry, frustrated and very lonely Panda that reached out to the world in an attempt to find someone to tell her that she wasnt alone in all this crap. The intensity of emotional pain I felt then is astonishing. That I survived the experience with my sanity and my marriage intact is also astonishing.

The most astonishing thing of all is that the pain has been replaced by an equally intense feeling of love and peace. I doubt I could say that I'd go through it all again, but if the only way to get to this point in my life where I feel at ease with myself, happy with who I am and have finally found what it is I'm supposed to do with my life, then every minute of the last year was worth it.
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