Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sleep, Tarot Cards and the Future

On a sunny Saturday when you sleep until 10.30 because you took 4 Temazepam the night before and they actually worked so you miss either a) looking after your daughter while the boys go to the movies or b) miss going to the movies as a family, it makes for a great time to go visit your neighbour and have a cuppa and talk about how shit your life is and have your Tarot cards read.

I havent had mine read for 14 years, when the "Wheel of Fortune" card came up and the next day I got a call to go on the TV game show "Sale of the Century."

As a result, I believe in the power of the cards.

Well... It was all about personal power and strength and difficult decisions and what I am considering is the right thing to do and will be better for all in the long term, and it was all rather mind-blowing stuff.

So the cards say that I am on the right track with my instincts and once I get this shit sorted I will rule the world. 

It will be so much better for everyone that way.

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  1. Fingers crossed hey? Wish I had a neighbour who could do my cards. I need all the help I can get!


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