Saturday, September 03, 2005

And I bet Santa isnt real either...

Gaddamn it! I so wanted that story to be real! And they're not even good cookies? Go on, dash all my hopes and dreams then.

When I wake up, more often than not before dawn each morning, I usually have several witty or deep posts floating around in my head. Somewhere between the birdies starting their singing and me finishing my surfing of everyone else's blogs, those ideas just...disappear. I cant even remember what they were now. And they were really good. Crap.

What I will do, though, is apologise generally for not commenting on blogs as much as I used to. I do read every blog on my blogroll every day. I am happy when things are going well and sad when they're not. My brain just tends to seize up and nothing worth writing comes out most times.

And besides, when its a crappy old grey and rainy day, the Gulf Coast of the US is descending into anarchy thanks to a government that couldnt give a crap, and the universe is fucking with too many people that I've come to care about, what can one really say?

I'll plagiarise Lumi and say: Great big mucousy donkeys balls.


  1. Isn't it plain sad to see the people in New Orleans are trapped and homeless - and they are supposed to be in one of the most powerful countries in the world?

    It's rather fucked....

  2. hey...we know you're out there panda, spreading the love even if it's not in writing.

    I'm sad about the cookies too, seemed like a great story and recipe!

  3. ditto and all that

  4. This has to be the oldest spam ever, I remember reading this when I was still leaving on the kibbutz so it must have been 98 or 99. Gah![I didn't know it was a lie either. Bloody hell but it is disappointing.]


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