Monday, September 05, 2005

Paranoid Moment # 3759

Middle of the night, I'm lying on my tummy. Realise that I can lie on my tummy without it hurting like it did a couple of weeks ago. Poke tummy. Poke tummy more. Poke tummy really really hard. Nothing. Decide that only possible explanation for lack of tummy pain is that Spudly is no more.

Realise that I didnt dry retch until 4pm yesterday. Put this together with lack of ouch in the tummy region and completely freak out.

Wake up Monkey Boy, who says a lot of sensible things about ligaments changing and uterine growth and hcg levels finished peaking and such and such. Think these are all very sensible things, BUT....

Stupid brain.


  1. Hoping this is only a paranoid moment and not anything big. If you continue to feel scared call the Dr. get an ultrasound whatever makes you feel better. It's better to know than worry.

    Sending you some support and positive wishes that all is fine. ((hug))

  2. Jacqueline12:58 am

    I could write a whole a-z catalogued list of things I did wrong during my pregnancy. Still ended up with a healthy baby.

    The paranoia is normal...

  3. I completely understand the paranoia... and while everything is probably just fine... do WHATEVER it is you need to do in order to give yourself peace of mind... Demand a scan... rent your own Doppler... and don't think twice about seeking reassurance whenever you need it.

    That's my two-bits worth.

  4. She'll be right Panda.
    Just relax - I think it is a good sign that the dry retching period of your pregnancy is over and you can now enjoy a `normal' pregnancy and be beautiful with that special glow!!!!

  5. calm blue ocean, calm blue ocean.
    we're a bunch of sad sacks arent we.
    well, we're both super human beings so i'm sure all will be fine.
    love your guts.

  6. GASP!!!!!

    DREW!!!! While I'm quite sure you are just the most lovely of people... I do feel I need to point out... (gulp) that you uttered the 'Phrase that must not be named'... you know.... J____ R____..... The Infertile Hex....

    I'm shrinking away now... I was just so shocked... I lost my head... sorry...

    By the way... everytime I type in that word verification thing... I pretend it's an acronym.... today's is LPIOCMI.... That would be " Let's Pretend I'm Over Crushing Maternal Instincts"... isn't that fun! You should try...

  7. Repeating what Jet said:

    Calm blue ocean, calm blue ocean..

  8. Feel I must just defend Drew there to Manuela...yes Drew did say J....R.... BUT it came straight after the classic Aussie expression "She'll be right". This means the J...R.... line is part of the whole She'll Be Right attitude (could also have said 'she'll be apples') which is more of a "It'll be OK. Don't get your knickers in a knot" type theme.

    Panda,I expect there will be many more paranoid moments, part of the great big IF ride. If you need to do the checks then do so and get some peace of mind... thinking of you and also sending poitive "she'll be right" vibes.

  9. Thanks for the clarification, Ova... I simply KNEW there had to be more to it... ;-)


    Just Relax Quit The Agonizing... not bad, eh?

  10. Holy shit... J... R.....!!!

    Do you have bingo yet?

  11. Thanks for the clarification, Ova... I simply KNEW there had to be more to it... ;-)


    Just Relax Quit The Agonizing... not bad, eh?


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