Saturday, July 23, 2005

Crimes Against Vegetables

Really, folks. This has been sitting in my cupboard for the last year. It was a lovely pumpkin. I made it all by myself. It could have been so tasty in Pumpkin Gnocci with Sage and Garlic Butter. It could have added that final touch to Fantastic Roast Pork. But no. I had to let it sit there, dessicating. I had a responsibility towards this pumpkin, and I failed.

I can't be allowed to have kids.


  1. LMAO that's just gross

  2. Whaaa? You just FORGOT about this thing??? Didn't you wonder about some odd stench emitting from one of your cupboards?? Or is the general odour in your house so bad that... never mind... I don't want to know.


  3. No, see, I didnt forget about this thing. It had some friends too. I saw them every time I opened the cupboard. So, every day. There was no smell because they just dried, they didnt rot.

    Its a past-time of mine - "lets see how many different types of mould we can discover" as well as "how long do pumpkins REALLY store for?"

    As The Monkey always says, I will have NO moral authority over our kids.

  4. Good God. That's terrifying.


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