Friday, July 22, 2005


Corrr! You should check out my knockers!!! Settle down, I'm not actually going to post a picture for y'all, unlike Molly.

What the hell is going on???? How can they possibly get so big so quickly???? Why couldnt they have done this when I was 15?????

Its cruel, that's what it is. All it does is kinda, sorta, maybe gives me a teensy weensy little bit of hope that the HCG levels are actually going up.

But really, we all know my period is going to turn up any day and this is just an elaborate hoax and my blood was mixed up in the lab and I got the only false positive pee test known to man.

I'd also like to figure out what I ate that has made me feel queasy on and off all day.


  1. Totally NOT mentioning the p-word here but just wanted to say...very quietly....yay.(!)

  2. Ha ha ha!

    Post a pic! I wanna see those knockers, girlfriend!!

  3. Oh GIVE ME A BREAK you big boobed Ho... you are so DYING to show us what they look like... just get out the camera and be done with it already.


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