Wednesday, June 15, 2005

The Return of Super-Ovulatrix

Just got the progesterone test back. Can she ovulate on her own???

Drum roll please....

Why yes, yes she can. 88.1 Woohooo! How d'ya like them apples?

It only needs to be over 10/15/30 (depends who you talk to) to have ovulated. Crikey, it was only 72 on the Clomid last month.

I so totally rock.

I am the Super-Ovulatrix once more!

Fear my ovarian wrath!

The gp had better fear it tomorrow.


  1. Anonymous2:32 pm

    all i can say is yay for sparkle panda! xx

  2. you are confused-ing me... you and da fi fi! you both confuseded me. i no likey it!


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