Saturday, February 04, 2012

By Hand (with thanks to Eden)

Eden has started her own meme, from her own brain! Who am I to resist? Some sort of self-centred arrogant know-it-all slunk down in a cesspool of self-pity?

Here is my handwriting, in all its mess and angst from my journal when I was in hospital.

My handwriting changes almost with the price of oil. Going back through uni lecture notes, there can be 4 or 5 distinctive handwriting styles within the one lecture.  Some are so minimalist that its impossible for anyone else to read them. 

If you would like to share some of your handwriting, pop along to Edenland and put your name on the list.


  1. Anonymous2:57 pm

    I love looking back at my journals over the years and seeing how my handwriting has changed. My favourite is when I was at uni, scratching away, desperate not to miss a single lecture note! Only problem was, when I did manage to write it ALL down, I couldn't decipher them afterwards.

  2. there is DEFINITE differentiation between my regular hand writing and my Jet X handwriting. Am sure that you have seen it! hehe. alter egos.

  3. I love the different colours you used... was that significant? I also get a fine sense of your passion in your writing. First time visitor here, via Eden's link. x

    1. Sharon8:03 pm

      Thanks Deb, and thanks for visiting. The colours were significant. I had a sense when I was writing of what colour each bit needed to be, but none of it was planned as such, it just came tumbling out.

  4. My hand writing changes with my mood too. I still have all of my journals from 14 years and up...I threw out the journal from around when I was arrested though. Mainly because my mother decided to 'underline' the trigger factors. I also had a 'random journal' that I used to write thoughts as they came to my head in different colours.

  5. I love the different styles! It's like, you are your own font generator.

    I wish there was a key too.

    Thanks so much for joining in Sharon, I really appreciate it.

  6. Those individual letters are curves and sticks, but you pour life into every one. Wow. Powerful.

  7. I love the way your red writing is so much clearer and bolder. And then you scream. It is good to scream.
    I wish there was a key for you as well.

  8. I have to say that I love your handwriting and the emotions you shared. Not just in the journal, but in your other posts. I share those feelings of hopelessness at times and recently did quite a bit of blogging on it. I think also that the COWARD who slammed you so hard as Anonymous should stop and take a look at their own reflection. Someone who can so be so public in their loathing of you certainly has some issues with themselves. If I thought we were related, I might think that it was my brother who wrote that because he has said such similar things to me. We all have our own shoes to walk in and our own paths to make. No one can know every little detail about our lives, even if they were our Siamese twin. Pity the coward, consider the source, and know that YOU ARE SO MUCH BETTER THAN THEM.

  9. I have my own book like that, and it is very precious to me. And private. I can't share it just yet. Maybe I will one day. And go you. You are doing so well. Big hugs. Hang in there. xo


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