Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Lithium, Thy Name on, I know this)

I am cotton wool brain.

I am thoughts stuck in a whirlpool unable to get out.

I am words on the tip of my tongue.

I am apathy.

I am lead.

I am sleep.

I am nothing.


  1. It's probably worth checking with your doc and readjusting the meds. Unless they said that this will pass.... Hang in there, lovely... You've come so far....

  2. you you are not nothing... do i have to get the tonking fish outta the freezer? I don't want to waste a good BC salmon, but I will! xx

  3. Some people call it the fog of war...

  4. God. I remember that feeling so well. It's the worst. I think it's worse than mania. I think it's worse than depressed. I think it's almost worse than suicidal.

    The nothing.

  5. Friggin drugs that are meant to be helping. Its mad cos its not about your foot or leg or someting physical but its your mind and you really need to rely on that and be able to self check at least a bit. I hope your gp sorted it at least a bit yesterday. It can work out, you know it can. The gp knows it can. I hope that u find out how and what asap xxx

  6. The worst part is that you get so wasted, you miss on valuable family time.

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  8. Just don't stay alone for too long. Be optimistic, call a friend and go for a walk or shopping. This way you will go through the hart time more easily.


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