Wednesday, June 29, 2011

And also

Just look at how clever I am! Go on, I'll wait.  Yes, see! Cle.ver at figuring out how to use my Android phone as a tethered 3G modem for my laptop 'puter. Figured it out all by myself I did.

Take THAT nerds!!!  Oh crap. If I did it that, ikso fatso, makes me a nerd too.


  1. Hey, am offended! What's wrong with nerds? Nerds and geeks are the salt of the earth, I tell you! Bask in thy nerdness, woman!

  2. ferris bueller.
    and i can imagine the lullabalupbaloo being barney in the simpsons style?! When he drinks the fake champagne and goes all wobbly.
    wasting away in margaritaaaaville..... with missus crabapple!


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