Friday, September 08, 2006

Its All About Me

Lala asked me to write her bio the other day, which I dutifully did. It got me thinking. What do people know about me from just reading this blog. What impression do I leave? And how much does that relate to reality?

Lala responded in kind with the following witty missive.

Married to my twin
by Lala

Wait, that came out wrong.

She's married to a wonderfully intelligent, sensitive and funny man that she has, in the past, referred to as my twin.

THAT'S what I meant to say but I had to sensationalize to grab your interest, right?

No? Well, now that I have your attention, may I introduce the stunning and Gorm-endowed Panda.

Loving mother to Spudly, tolerant wife to the currently gimpy Monkey boy, confidante to roving infertiles (be they from the East or West coasts of Canadia), lover of caribou, cats and candy.

She's a renaissance woman with a deep intellect and sharp wit but not currently in possession of window screens. Some of her many talents include button hunting and hat sewing. She's a licker of many stamps but best of all, she calls me her friend.

What about it folks? What do you know about me? Write me a bio.


  1. I don't like it anymore, can I get a do-over?

  2. Oooh, I like this! Will steal it, I think. Sometime, am still definitely stupid (should you disbelieve me, know that I first wrote "fedinitiely", somehow. I just copy-pasted it. Worrying.)

    I do want to write you one, let me just tidy up the books et al before, house too bloody messy for any inspiration to arrive. Such an excellent idea! Well done, Lala dahling!

  3. La Panda is mum to the adorable interspecies child Spudly, offspring of a panda and a father known as Monkey-boy. She refuses to turn into a pile of jelly over the fact that she has a child after much heartbreak, but still favors funky clothing, bitter sarcasm and avoiding yard care.

  4. Her mum makes her vascilate between worry and fury.

  5. No time for a bio... but will add my two bits worth.

    Incredibly compassionate and kind.

    Witty with a great ability to laugh at herself.

    She's the black sheep of her family... in a family where all the white sheep are completely looney and underappreciative of this incredible soul.

    She's an old soul.

    She knows obscure Canadian bands.

    She's never gotten over the fact that the 80's have ended.

    She might have all the Gorm you could ever want, but she's still messy.

    I would trust her with my life.

    She's not as non-consumerish crunchy granola eviro green as you'd be tempted to THINK!

    MOre later... must run.

    And am so glad I found her...

  7. I don't like it anymore, can I get a do-over?


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