Sunday, May 07, 2006

One Month

Has it really been a month since this little person was pulled unceremoniously from my body? The ticker says a month, so I guess that's right. To me it feels like one very long day.

What has happened in that time?

  • We've got the hang of breastfeeding, with random bouts of blocked milk ducts and sore nipples.
  • I've figured out that crying means hunger and a particular frequency of yelping means tummy pain.
  • I've also realised that the smiles dont mean "you're heaps funny, mum", but "I've just done a big stinky poo that you have to clean up. Suckers." Which, surprisingly, I dont mind doing at all.
  • The Baby Blues lasted all of two days.
  • When he cries there is no possible way of ignoring it and I swear sometimes it will rip my heart out.
  • Someone can be so cute you want to eat them.
  • A bunch of other stuff that I cant remember because my brain has taken a very long holiday.
  • Some other things that I cant remember because he's just started screaming again and I cant think about anything other than getting him to stop.
Bloody hell, at this rate I'm going to have the world's most boring blog.


  1. Happy mensiversary, dear Spudly!

    Just catching up, Panda -- fat chance about your having the most boring blog. Fat chance!

    I'm glad to hear everything is going well, and that you are settling into a routine. I hope the milk production picks up quickly.

    And I'm sorry about the parents. What can you say?

  2. I can't believe how quick it's gone. I am three days off my due date and I just know this baby is not going to come out. I am dreading introducing the baby to the mother-in-law. She is f***ed up to the extreme! Looking forward to the day we met in Aussie land.

  3. And if you click on the picture, one can see how completely exhausted you are!

    Happy one month.

  4. My god that month went fast. But your blog is far from from boring. And if your desperate you know you can just post pictures and the masses will be satiated.

    He really is a beautiful little boy.


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