Thursday, April 06, 2006

the minx is back...

hi folks. i'm really the worst person for this job... not only am i in a part of the world where there are a load of storms lately which means i have no power and no computer is a piece of poo... and i'm not really sure which bits i'm supposed to be posting and which bits i'm not... so heres the latest update from 11:56pm last night...

from the phone of the wench, sparklepanda, herself...

"Having contractions 3 mins apart, very painful, since 1pm, threw away birth plan at 4pm, no cervical dilation, on gas and pethadine, me likee pethadine. spud too damn comfy, doesn't want to leave" there you have it folks. more soon. xJ


  1. Aieeeeeee!

    And what's worse, it's still only Wednesday here!

    (Scream all you want, Panda - I'll hear ya.)

  2. Jacqueline9:20 am

    Oh boy does that sound like my birth story! Thinking of you, Panda!



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