Monday, February 13, 2006


Just a quick post to quell the panic that I'm sure will ensue if I go any longer without posting.

Our computer is dead. I would be sad but this seems like a great excuse to buy a whizz-bang laptop that is not riddled with viruseses and actually WORKS.

Unfortunately, this means that I am now reliant upon public computers to talk to the world. Ptooey! I shall endeavour to get on line about once a week, although my desire to get in a car and go places is decreasing in inverse proportion to my ever-increasing waistline.*

So to recap: I'm okay, my toe is healing, Spud is very bouncy and how the hell did I get THIS BIG?????

*HA! I havent had a waist for months! More like a waist-height shelving unit


  1. I was JUST about to email.....we should exchange measurements.

  2. Glad you're well, look forward to more updates...not long now.

  3. Ohhhh have fun purchasing a new computer. Hope you get a swanky one.

    Almost down the runway now. Hurrah!


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