Friday, January 20, 2006

A surprise and an acknowledgement

I had my 30 week antenatal appointment yesterday, at which I disocvered that I am quite anaemic and very dehydrated. This may account for why I feel so crap these days. Who knew that when its 40 degrees outside you need to increase your fluid intake to 3 litres a day? Obviously not me.

I also discovered that Spudly is head down already, and feet and legs are all on my right hand side, which explains the constant pummellng in that region. Heartbeat 143bpm. Fundal height 29.5cm. Nice.

The surprise was an appointment for our ultrasound to check up on the position of the placenta, which we managed to get the SAME DAY! Instead of having to wait another two weeks to see the boy, we got a lovely look at his gorgeous chubby cheeks (and his enormous scrotum) straight away. He weighs 1.9kg (4.2 pounds) and his head is already 10.2cm across. Bugger me he's going to be HUGE. Hyperactive, with a big head. Definately takes after his father.

If you tilt your head to the right, you can see his face and a little hand waving to us all.

After waking at 4am this morning and crying because my coccyx wont stop hurting, my back hurts if I lie on my left, my belly hurts if I lie on my right, I cant breathe if I lie on my back, and worrying that there is so much for us to do and maybe no one will turn up to our Working Bee and I just want to be able to DO STUFF and I cant coz it just injures me and wa sniff wa sniff wa, I have acknowledged that perhaps I should be relaxing at this point and giving orders to people rather than trying to sail through like there isnt another human feeding off my energy reserves and making my body go all spastic.

Now for the placenta. Posterior, 3.3cm from cervical os. Dr Google has told me thus far that where it is more than 2cm from the cervix a vaginal birth should be attempted. However, 60% of women with low-lying placenta end up having a vaginal birth, and are at greater risk of post-partum haemorrage. Just what you want with anaemia really, isnt it. What does this mean for me? I think I'll play it safe until I know for sure at my appointment in two weeks, and put myself on the aforementioned - and now possibly medically indicated - rest and relaxation program.


  1. I am so glad that you are being monitored closely and they picked this up now instead of you suffering any longer. Yes my girl, rest is the definate order of the day. And may I say that is the cutest scan I have seen in quite some time - he is adorable (in that department he must take after his Mum).

    Take care hun - feet up and let the rest just happen around you. it will happen!

  2. Wow! 4.2 pounds in the 30th week sounds really big to me! (Just what you want to hear, I know.) I'm due 3/27 and 2 weeks (28 weeks)ago my little one was 2.11 pounds which I was told was right where he should be...

    I'm glad he's well in there and you SHOULD get with the rest and relaxation program (and drink your water!).

  3. Felicity9:25 pm

    Hello, I thought I should de~lurk here too.

    That is such a beautiful U/S pic!

    Im 34 weeks now, and I can assure you, if you push yourself too much (or at all!) you WILL suffer.. pelvic pain, unbelievable aches in your belly, sheer exhaustion!

    It does get boring losing your energy. :)

    Keep up the fluids, next week is going to be really hot again, I heard! And maybe start cooking in cast iron, I read that its very good for getting iron into your blood! (Vegetarian here. :) )

    Felicity. :)

  4. Doh!! We are both such silly geese! I spent all of last night moving my stuff to my mother's by myself and setting up my new bedroom by myself, today I am miserable!! Pluse I had to drive kids to a hockey game and all this while the man took himself to movie and a dinner. I could have killed him. When he got home I had a fucking asthma attack and I don't even have asthma. Please send a hit man.
    love you, drink more, drink v8, that's make water taste like wine!

    oh and plus plus plus? we currently getting between 10-15 cm of snow so the roads are impassable. How am I supposed to move more stuff? Ugg.

  5. WOWEE!!! He's a biggun! This is so freaking' amazing Panda... siigggh.... I'm seriously thinking of planning a trip to visit you all!!

    So.... have you got names yet???????

  6. WOWEE!!! He's a biggun! This is so freaking' amazing Panda... siigggh.... I'm seriously thinking of planning a trip to visit you all!!

    So.... have you got names yet???????


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