Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Those were the days....

Outraged by Manuela's recent comments about my faux-pas photograph, which I'll Have You Know was Very Stylish way back in 1990, I have decided to come clean, step into the light and admit to all that I was an 80's Fashion Victim.

Not as bad as Lala, who is still wearing HER 80's outfits, but nonetheless...

Whilst cleaning all the shit out of the soon-to-be-Spud-room, I came across some old dressmaking patterns I had squirreled away with the obvious intention of making one day. Actually, I did make one of them, and I still have it somewhere...

I am particularly fond of the purple puffball, especially with its divine little bows around the hemline. Would go very well with the Leg O Mutton Sloives, Kimmy.


  1. Cherice11:03 am


  2. Well, I for one think it's cool. Diana Spencer was a fashion icon too, wearing such wondrous designs as the ones you have pictured, and she was worshipped the world over. And now... oh yeah. She's dead.

    Never mind.

  3. Panda, outfits like that make the baby Jesus cry.

  4. Is that blouse made out of tinfoil??
    Oh you've laid down the gauntlet woman! Beware, I'm agoin' on a pattern hunt and you are in for a world of hurt, both 70's and 80's style!

  5. Good God I had a puffball too. Scottish plaid puffball. Shoot me now, I'd forgotten all abt it - HATE YOU!


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