Friday, December 09, 2005

Dont get in my way - I'm Nesting!

I've been back from our WONDERFUL holiday for a whole week now, and I probably should have written a little something to describe the lovely time we had canoeing and relaxing and eating and such, but as soon as we got back we started renovating and I've been trapped under layers of paint ever since.

This has very conveniently coincided with the onset of the nesting instinct, which I must say I never believed in before. I have revised my opinion.

So, when the dust settles, and the paint finally washes off my skin and out of my hair, I will write something extraordinary (or, at least, write something...)

In the meantime, here's a couple of photos from our holiday:

Panda and Spudly enjoy a lovely spread of nibblies and champers for our 2nd anniversary breakfast.

Dawn at our cottage hideaway

The happy couple find their favourite driveway and do a dodgy self-timer portrait in a gale.

Not looking quite so relaxed and gorgeous, here's me getting stuck into our front room, which has been in various states of falling-downness for 5 years:

This is how I will look for at least the next two weeks. Charming. More renovation photos will ensue once the room is finished. Which will be tomorrow. Hehehehe. Tomorrow! Boff-o!

Yesterday we had the 24 week antenatal appointment. Everything is hunky-dory, the Birthing Unit are v. happy to have me, Spudly's heartbeat is nice and strong and loud, and he's practicing for the synchronised swimming team. I feel enormous, which is probably becasue I AM enormous, and my ligaments have started hurting in my lower pelvis. But never mind that, I've got cornices to paint...

Oh, and so's you understand my enthusiasm for getting stuff down asap, here's the room where Spudly will be sleeping:


  1. I love your purple dress and the purple flowers in the trees. And I love all the pictures, really. Even the horror that is Spudly's room, bursting with potential. You make renovation fun.

  2. Lovely, all around. I hope Spudly likes to read.

  3. wow! that's a lot of peppermint icecream... yes i am back in the virtual world, if only briefly.
    had it out with sallie in a very civilised way, she doesnt understand me, and whilst i understand what she was saying... i still think she's a meanie to timbo, this said, i have to stay away from him until his circumstances change. cos it will only end in tears... and tears arent allowed in the silly season!

  4. MUST tell me who that is in that photo!!! The one in Spudly's room... on top of the book shelf... that 80's looking glamour shot... PLEASE tell me that's you!!! Oh dear god... that is rich!!!

  5. Manuela is right, that looks so DemiMooreish! You look gorgeous and rested and your belly is lovely, and the surroundings are too so maybe I'm moving to Australia and you did describe your office to me once and you were absolutely right! The nursery is beginning to look lovely too, I am so excited!

    And of course Spudly will love to read, it's in the genes. Lucky Spudly!


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