Tuesday, November 15, 2005

What I Did On My Weekend

In lieu of anything interesting to say, here's a photo essay on how we spent our weekend.

Monkey Boy recently retrieved his Lego from his parents place. They think we wanted it for Spudly.

They were wrong.

Battle Dragster. Note the rather excessive amount of weaponry. I think one of the guns was labelled a Cheese-Gathering Torpedo. There's a little man with a slopey brick for a head behind the blue canopy.

Assorted vehicles for backup. You never know when you will need a wacky tricycle or a Headless Hotrod.

Its a helicopter. It has guns and goes woketa woketa. Apparently.

Disabled Battle Segue. Mr Spastic previously had only one hand, but through the miracle of medical technology (and finding a spare hand on the floor) he had a donated hand reattached. As yet he doesnt have much feeling in it, so he fires the rocket launcher with his good hand.

Space Pirate on his Hovercraft Space Pirate Radio Station, which plays nothing but Take On Me by A-Harrrr.

Mr Teapot Rotor-head controls the whole fleet, and shoots flames out of his head. Handy.


  1. cherice3:48 pm

    I think you're both ready for Mr Spudly to arrive ;)

  2. omigod... I LOVED this post!!! Totally something we would do...

  3. Lego rocks...it will never die, not like those crazy jap toyz.


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