Saturday, November 12, 2005

I Almost Forgot

Spudly LOVED The Bangles gig, of course. Especially the really heavy bass that makes your chest vibrate. I got lots of kicking through that! And I had my very first random drive-by belly grope after the gig. The woman was very nice and all, but it was weird. And so it begins.

The next morning we had our antenatal appointment at the hospital. Which they kept us waiting almost an hour for. Grrrr. Results of the ultrasound were as normal as you can get, which is disturbing, for me anyways. I will have another ultrasound at 32 weeks to check on the low-lying placenta, but I have been assured both by the hospital and by Google University that a low-lying placenta at 20 weeks is extremely common and they do move. I believe them. I will not worry. I will instead look forward to another opportunity to have a look at the Spudster.

My blood pressure has gone down down Funky Town. 100/50. This seems ridiculously low to me, but apparently this just happens between 18-28 weeks. It explains the lightheadedness and dizziness and such. Must drink more water.

I was given the all-clear to use the Birthing Unit, which is fabuloso. We spent another half an hour around there to make another appointment for 4 weeks time, but got a tour out of it. V. pleased that their birthing philosophy gels exactly with mine: that is, birth is a natural event that the body knows how to do and not something for the medicos to get all uppity about.

Spudly is kicking many times a day now, which is very comforting. Well, the kicks in the cervix or further around the back arent quite so comforting... I've discovered he reacts very quickly to chocolate. Every single time, he's kicking away within 10-15 minutes of me eating some. I have decided therefore to have some medical emergency chocolate in the house at all times, for those occasions when I am panicking about not having felt him kick in a while. Purely for emergencies. You understand.

So, nothing happening in the medical department for another month. In the meantime, Monkey Boy finishes his prac. teaching placement next week (that is, the Friday coming up) and the week after that we GO AWAY for our 2nd anniversary holiday, back to the place we started our honeymoon, for 4 whole days of peace and quiet and relaxation and canoeing and canoodling. Yeh-heh.


  1. Yah, Hurrah, HOORAY! So happy all is well in Spudly land.

  2. I'm very pleased things are going so well with all three of you, Panda. Keep eating that chocolate!

  3. Isn't it fun when they let you know where your kidneys are? May I tap dance on your pelvic floor?
    Ow! My spleen!

  4. Spudly's quite the groover Panda!


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