Tuesday, October 11, 2005

16 week Update

Okay, so I didnt get to update you all as soon as I would have liked, but as promised I came back and am ready to spill.

Firstly, the Poll. I won the first. Monkey Boy won the second Poll. Which leads me to believe that y'all are FUCKED and completely inconsistent. HOW can the majority say that next Saturday is the one in the following week, but the Monday in the following week is THIS Monday? HUH??? (Assumes Pauline Hanson accent). Please explain. Monkey Boy and I have been arguing over this for the past two years. He has weird-ass conceptions of how time is divided up, and I maintain that time is divided into days and weeks and months and years and seasons and its a fairly useful construct to stick with because then everyone knows what the hell you're talking about. THIS monday is the Monday of the week your currently in. THIS Saturday is the Saturday of the week you're in. NEXT monday or Saturday would thus be referring to the week after the one you're currently in. Why dont people get this?????

There endeth my rant.

Now to the Spud.

  • Far exceeding my wildest expectations, I made it to 16 weeks, developed a very nice and obviously-not-peppermint-icecream-belly and STARTED FEELING FLUTTERS!!!!! Oh my god what a weird sensation. Like a cross between a twitching muscle, butterflies in the tummy and gas. And that Spud can really move. Probably will turn out to be hyperactive like its father. Oh goody.
  • The nausea has pretty much stopped, although occasionally the gagging still happens, usually after eating and then engaging in any sort of movement.
  • I'm not as tired as I was in the first trimester, but I did spend the entire weekend in bed, so I dont know where that leaves the previous statement on the factually correct continuum.
  • I need to pee continuously.
  • I have headaches every day, which sucks.
  • I need to eat continuously.
  • My digestive system is...sluggish....shall we say.
  • The skin on my face has plumped up and some of my wrinkles laugh lines have disappeared, as has the acne. Woohoo!
  • I have peach fuzz on my belly. No-one ever warned me about peach fuzz. I'm wondering at what point do I have to start waxing?
  • I have stopped worrying about Spudly being okay and replaced it with worrying about getting the house finished in time and about the whole childbirth thing. Two nights ago, I woke up about 3am in an absolute panic about how Spudly was going to come out. So I woke up Monkey Boy and informed him that he had 5 months to figure out some sort of alternative Spudly Transportation Device that did not involve it coming out of either my fanny or my abdomen. I am leaving it in his capable hands.
  • Next scan is November 1, which happens to be Melbourne Cup Day. I will thus place my bets according to the outcome of the scan.

I'm sure that there's more stuff. The pregnesia hasnt improved any, so there's bound to be heaps that I've forgotten. I have a belly pic on the camera that I will indeed post once the camera is charged again. There's also some family stuff to report on, but that's needs a post all of its very own.


  1. Cherice3:58 pm

    I'm with you Panda. This Monday, Saturday whatever is THIS week that you are talking about. That's why we say NEXT week, blah, blah.

    Peach fuzz. I wish! I'm waxing just before every scan so I don't look like a boy masquerading as a girl who is pg. Don't even go there re the bikini/down the leg line!

    But, it's all good. I'm pg and it seems that Fidget has decided to stay :)

  2. 16! WEEKS!

    Wow! Moving right along . . .

  3. *does a little happy dance* Hurrah and yah even for the spudly and the arrival of 16 weeks. *huge grin*

  4. Tessy5:02 am

    Here's how it works in my world...

    THIS Monday, Saturday, whatever is the next one to roll around. NEXT Monday, Saturday, whatever is the one after that.

    So, being today is Tuesday, 10/11/05, THIS Monday is 10/17/05 and THIS Saturday is 10/15/05. NEXT Monday is 10/24/05 and NEXT Saturday is 10/22/05. Monday, 10/10/05, was LAST Monday.


  5. just so glad you're forgetful and not dead, eh? YAY!

  6. 16 weeks and flutters. That sounds incredibly exciting. I'm so pleased things are going so well!


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