Monday, September 19, 2005

More input needed

One of us was not satisfied with the outcome of the last Poll. One of us has therefore decided that a similar, but different in an important way, question must be asked.

C'mon people. Do you want Spudly to come from a broken home?

Go vote then.


  1. Panda - I voted last time and now cause I would hate to see spudly coming from a broken home. What I am interested to know is what do you think is right.

  2. cherice7:37 pm

    I hope this poll creates a little household peace. :)

  3. Arrrgh!! This is hard! See I think it depends on the context created by the sentence containing "This Monday". See if it's Wednesday and you say "I'm GOING to the zoo this Monday." then obviously it's the Monday coming. But if you say "I WENT to the zoo this Monday... actually if you said that you'd sound like a plonker. Ok forget it, there's no context. It means the MONDAY THAT'S COMING UP.

    *feverishly prays she's picked the right answer*

  4. I'd qualify and say 'this past Monday' but yes, if I say 'this Monday' I'd be talking about the one two days before the fact.

    And if you don't agree? Maybe it's a Yank thing...

  5. Voted. Good Luck!

    In the end if he's a smart boy... you win no matter what.


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