Tuesday, July 05, 2005


In the interests of maintaining an editorial balance, and not pissing off my husband too much by wanton displays of so-called "girl-porn", here's one for the boys who like girls and girls who like girls.

Personally, I think home-wrecking ho, but that's just me.


  1. but one... extremely H O T
    Home Wrecking Ho none the less.

  2. FINE. Like her then! The Monkey just said, in his best New Zealand accent, "Look at the tatts on that one"

    Oh he's so funny. Or so he says.

  3. Yah... I always thought I'd do her if I had the chance... (ha! like she'd WANT to...) But now that I've discovered all the nasty secrets of her plastic surgery... chin, cheeks, eyes, brow, upper lip... I can feel all smug and think... naaaah.... she's so plastic.

  4. Personally, she scares me. I can see the appeal but... still scary. There are women i could almost have a lesbotronic moment with but not her. I wouldn't want those lips anywhere near me! Vacuum kills.


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