Friday, July 08, 2005

Well I'll be googled

I'm impressed. I've had my first hit from a bizarre google search. It appears that if you google "twing near ovary pregnancy" you get me.

Is this a sign? An omen? I have a very very large twing near ovary right now.

Does Dr Google know something I dont?


  1. I had one for 'pictures of male strippers at my bachelor party.' I couldn't figure out why my site came up, and then I remembered my account of the Irish hen party I'd witnessed on my honeymoon.

    Sorry, no pictures. There were no male strippers, either.

  2. I mean, bachelorette party. Only in a few countries now do you have male strippers at bachelor parties.

  3. Yes Lorem Ipsum... here in Canada... there ARE male strippers at bachelor parties... Also in the Netherlands... and Spain!



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