Saturday, July 30, 2005

Was It Something I Said?

Holy Shit! The comments for the last post were bloody theses!

Not only that, you guys made me cry! In a good way! I went in to see Monkey Boy to tell him there are some damn fine women in the world. (Thats you guys, btw).

For the record: no-one actually said I was whiney and ungrateful. It was just that I realised that what I was saying may be interpreted that way. I'm also a little quick to overreact to stuff and interpret things in the worst possible light. I do that. Its my thing. I've had almost 36 years of practice at assuming the worst, and assuming I've fucked up.

If I EVER have people actually tell me I'm a whiney and ungrateful wretch who should just shut the fuck up, I'll be sure to send them your way though.

Nice to know my back is covered!

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