Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Spiny Norman

In an effort to feel like normal people with normal lives, Monkey Boy and I went to the Zoo yesterday. We're members, so we get in free every time. We go there lots.

This visit, we went and checked out the huge walk-through aviary. Its gorgeous - like a jungle, with Satin Bower Birds, Eclectus Parrots, Finches, Wonga Pigeons, Ibis, Spoonbills, Lorikeets, etc. The newest and most unexpected addition to this aviary greeted us immediately we entered.

It was an echidna. Free-ranging. I'd never seen one in the wild until a couple of weeks ago when we nearly ran over one as it was crossing the road near the forest. This little guy in the aviary wanted to be FRIENDS! Serious.friends. I knelt down to get a photo and it came up to me and tried to dig its way into my coat, then bury itself in my ample butt. I think we're married now.

If you make your way over to Castpost, you can have a look at some video of the little guy. If you have trouble getting it to work, please let me know.


  1. What an odd little guy! Thanks for the video.


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