Wednesday, July 20, 2005

My Cooter

Desperate Googlers are about to be sadly disappointed!

The lovely K-K recently came home from a jaunt across the globe. I asked her to find a fertility doll for me in South America. This is what she brought back...

Yes, people, I have a Fertility Cooter.


  1. omigod, omigod, OMIGOD!!!

    I WANT ONE!!! That is the goofiest cutest thing EVER. I can't decide what I want more... the taxidermied (word?) kangaroo-head change purse... or my own cooter thingy...

    Ok... I'm now DETERMINED to find some sort of Canadiadaian fertility symbol... there must be something... no doubt it will be related to a beaver.

  2. Holy shit!

    It looks a little quirky but hey - if it works I will order three thanks.

    If you ask me to pray to it every night I will too. :)

  3. How cute!!! I wnat one too!


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