Monday, July 25, 2005

My Powers of Deduction are Staggering

When I woke up this morning, I had this feeling. I couldnt really be sure what it was. It was a strange sensation that I'd never really experienced before, except for when I met Monkey Boy.

It was the feeling that everything was going to be all right.

Vampira stabbed me at 8.45am. We went to the T-Bar for breakfast. We walked around the markets, in a vain attempt at distracting ourselves until our doctors appointment. Then I started feeling a little worse for wear. Shaky, low blood-sugar kinda feeling. Dizzy. Felt like I was going to faint. I decided that if I was going to faint the best place to do so was at the doctors, so we went there.

Felt like barfing my guts up by the time we got to see our wonderful GP. Results werent in yet, so she rang through for them. I guess a QUADRUPLING of my HCG might be the cause of why I felt so shit. I was expecting the number to be around 500. Not bloody 955.

Being the panic merchant that I am, I have now convinced myself we are having twins. Feel free to talk me out of this delusion.

We were told to go away, visit a couple of the hospitals and make our decision this week, and see her again next week for a referral for my first ante-natal visit.

Ante-natal visit. That's something that pregnant women do. That's something that I will be doing, ergo: I must actually be pregnant. Holy fucking cow!!!!!!

So we have officially told people now. Not family yet, that will come in the next week. It just doesnt seem real, and I am completely freaked out.

We have got past the point where we failed last time. This is uncharted territory, and I am afraid that beyond here there be monsters.


  1. No monsters dear Panda. Just sunshine and rainbows for you from here on out :)

  2. Congrats from a total stranger! Enjoy the preggo bliss...

  3. I say bring on the monsters! I wanna face them and SLAY them.
    p.s. added you to my blogroll, make youself at home.

  4. Darlin'... my heart is absolutely bursting for you both....

    But I couldnt open that pic of your gargantuan tits though... very very disappointing.

    Hey... now that you're finished with your fertility cooter... wanna ship it over here to Canada???

  5. May there be no monsters and may the bliss just grow.

  6. *Hands you a highly effective monster-repellent, known already to those brave Portie seafarers who couln't help the way they smell.*

    Practice your BOO!


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