Thursday, July 07, 2005

Is anybody that I actually know out there?

I've been through all the comments I've received and it has come to my attention that only ONE of my friends (y'know, the ones I see in the flesh occasionally) has left a comment.

Why is this?

Is it because she is the only person who reads this nonsense? Is it because I've scared off everyone I actually know with my rants about insensitive comments and things not to say to me? Is it because I've offended them all and they hate me now? Is it because no-one cares?

Just wondering.

Or maybe, in the words of one (who knows exactly who he is) they cant be bothered and to be honest just dont need to know that much about their friends.

I'd like to know. But I probably wont get any comments on this either.


  1. Same here none of my in the flesh friends who read my blog ever leave comments.

  2. If you need any giraffe porn just send me an email. Will swap for your panda porn.

  3. Wow! Look at you... remember point number eleven over on my quiz??? Case in point... Tertia's comment. She's never left a comment for me... you're FAMOUS.

    Re the friend thing... it's so funny... I basically wrote the exact same post a few months back... and then I had to delete it because one of my friends became extremely upset with me because of it. She didn't like that I was placing expectations on her... and that I was being put in the same category as those 'strangers' who post comments on my site.

    As for all my other friends... they say to me, "But I talk to you in person... I don't need to communicate with you through your blog." Whereas I saw it as a sign of friendly support in an endeavour that was important to me... not so much as a means of communication.

    And lastly... there were a couple friends who said they felt like they were reading my diary, and that they felt like they were violating my privacy... or... in other words... too much information!

    So now... I don't even mention it, and I NEVER get comments from my non-cyber friends.


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