Thursday, July 07, 2005


Very pleased to see a couple more pins on the Guestmap. Hello all you happy people!

Guestbook seems much happier now. All he needed was a little reassurance. Thanks, on his behalf.

Now, if you wouldnt mind scrolling down the page a little ways, you'll see a BRIGHT GREEN BOX. Perhaps the fact that I have to request you to go here and answer one tiny little question answers the question in itself. box. Answer question. I'll wait.

As a reward for your co-operation:

Please do not lick the screen.


  1. Am not inclined to lick the screen, and am boycotting your poll bcs it causes ghastly pop-up windows to, well, pop up. So am sulking in defiance.

  2. I also hate the ghastly pop-ups... highly annoying. Same thing on Tertia's site... drives me batty.

    BUT... yummmmmy... HE... is my absolute fave... mmmm.... very lickable... and that boyish goofiness makes him absolutely irresistable to me!

  3. Well, alls I can say is USE MOZILLA and ditch that crappy Internet Explorer with its crappy popups.

    And Manuela, as for our Brendan: Mmmmm...meat group....


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