Friday, July 15, 2005

I can see I have to educate you people.

Firstly, a Drop Bear is a ferocious bear that lives in trees in the Australian bush and falls on unsuspecting passers-by, devouring their flesh. The Koala is the larval stage of the Drop Bear.

We also have Hoop Snakes. Very cunning critters, these. They tuck their tales in their mouths, form a hoop and roll downhill to catch you. If you ever see one, run UPHILL.

Then of course, there's Boing Spiders, which hide under leaves and jump up in your face and then eat you.

Secondly, to Jacqueline - Manuela and I show our affection for each other with abuse. So when I, say, call her a Ho, its really a love letter.

Thirdly, yes, I love that you've all hijacked my blog. 9 comments - that's the most on one post ever!

Finally, Manuela, kangaroo meat is SO CHEAP here. Can I post some over for you? It seems such a shame to feed it just to your Dog, it's so yummy. Mmmmm...Skippy....

Here endeth the lesson.


  1. You Aussies have the best names for animals. My favorite has to be the onomatopoetic 'boing spider.' I imagine they have little springs on their toes that help them propel themselves to that nice tasty human nose they've been checking out.

    What do we have? 'Bison.' As clunky and inelegant-looking as it sounds.

  2. Skippy! Skippy has to be my earliest memory, we had the show and remember snippets - funnily enough, a big, HUGE, black spider. Boing's tetratetratetragrandfather probably. I can't have been older than 2. SKIPPY!

  3. In the States, Skippy is a brand of peanut butter.

  4. Yes... peanut butter... that's also what I think of.

    So what does skippy (the animal variety) taste like? I WISH you could send me some... but it's illegal to import skippy meat into Canada in any form other than dog food. It's not deemed to be safe for human consumption or some such rubbish.


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