Tuesday, July 05, 2005

6 degrees of separation

Since I have absolutely nothing to report on the reproductivity side of things, I thought I would share an email I sent out to my peeps a while ago. All in the name of narcissism, of course.

The other morning, when I had nothing better to do with my brain, I worked out exactly how many degrees of separation there are between me and Kevin Bacon.

It's 5, actually. Here's the connection tree:

My friend Whitby (1 degree) has schmoozed at the AFI awards with Rove McMannus (2), who's interviewed Nicole Kidman (3), who was married to that wacko Scientologist dude (4) who worked with Kevin Bacon (5) on A Few Good Men.

Which makes all of you 6 degrees from Kevin Bacon. I'm sure you're as thrilled as I am.

Now the really scary thing is that I'm convinced that I am actually at most 6 degrees separated from everyone on the planet.

I've met Corinne Grant (1) has also worked with Wil Anderson (2), who hosted the show with the Dalai Lama (3). Now that's cool!

Rove McMannus (2 degrees) has interviewed Andrew Denton (3) who has interviewed Lisa-Marie Presley (4), so I'm 5 degrees from Elvis Presley.

I've met Princess Di, who has met Bill Clinton (2) and he's met a whole hell of a lot of people (3 degrees), such as Monica Lewinsky, George W., (ewww), Gorbachev (rock!). But the best connection from Di (1) is she's danced with John Travolta!!!! (2)

Nicole Kidman has been interviewed by Oprah (4 degrees) connection which makes me 5 degrees from anyone who's ever been on her show, like Nelson Mandela, or Dr Phil, or everyone who's anyone really.

I've also met Molly Meldrum, so I'm 2 degrees from anyone who's ever been on Countdown, INCLUDING ABBA, which is my personal favourite! But that also means I'm 3 degrees (through Molly who interviewed Madonna) from Britney Spears (puke).

And then there's my mate Graeme, who worked with Bert Newton (2 degrees) on the Wizard of Oz. (unfortuantely, that means he also worked with Nicky Webster, but if I'm only 2 degrees from her, its close enugh to kill her). So I'm 3 degrees from anyone at the Logies Nights for the last 25 years! (For you international peeps, the Logies are like the Emmy Awards, but daggier.)

In-your-face, Ms Prufrock!


  1. Holy shit you're famous Panda!

    You are probably the most famous person I have every met.

    I tried googling my fertility doctor - but didn't find much on him at all. So bummer.

    Am impressed you have met Princess Di though.

    Thanks for taking my mind off babies for a little while. :)

  2. Wow how impressively awesome...I can't believe that you met Princess Di! Such a brilliant post, made me smile just thinking of all your possibilities.

  3. Ohhh, I think I like your sense of humour!

    I am really sorry abt the IF thingy, didn't realise you belonged to the BBB. Can't imagine what it must feel like, here's to you. *raises coke can*

    Thank you for taking the time to read, and for understanding. I am very bad at finding words to tell people what it means to me, how I want for the whole world to know abt him and what a brilliant man he was. Every time someone learns abt him i feel i am that much closer to it. So yes, thank you so very much. Will read on now.

  4. I once rode the elevator with Vincent Price...


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