Monday, June 20, 2005

What was that I was saying about my immune system?

Despite my best efforts at ignoring it, Man Cold has turned into Bronchitis. This, on top of period cramps.

Well, since I have a textbook normal cycle this month, I say "See you in hell, Clomid!"

Good things that have happened today:

1. My period turned up.*

2. We discovered our superannuation details and found out we can have it all released under compassionate/medical/completely povvo grounds. So at least its no longer a choice between paying the mortgage and paying the specialist.

3. My wonderful husband was given a book voucher as a thankyou for his volunteer work at a High School last week and went out today and bought me the two Jane Austens I didnt have in my collection.

4. I rang up our current specialist (Dr. Clomid) and said I wanted copies of all our test results posted out to me as I was seeing a RI next week. Also informed them I would not be going back on the Clomid. Receptionarian chick rings back and says: Is it okay if we just get the RI to download them from Gribbles directly because there's so many here?" "NO!" Says I. "I actually want a hard copy for our records too." So there. Mission accomplished.

Confusticating thing: the HCG test I had done last month read "less than 1.5".

Shouldn't it be zero if I'm not pregnant? Surely less than 1.5 actually means "a little bit pregnant"?

I will now take myself, my snuffles and my two new books, and go to bed.

*In the scheme of things. It not turning up because I'm pregnant is what we're aiming for after all.


  1. I've got another Clomid scan today. I'm sick of it already. Thanks for calling me a rockin' chick - I love it!

  2. Clomid sucks. I hated taking it - gave me the rages and hot flashes something fierce! I feel your pain my friend.

    Congrats on getting the coverage for your treatment (if I read that correctly).

    I just came over from Pru's blog :)

  3. Found you! Yah. So long clomid it's been nice knowing you, not.

    Enjoy the reads and hope you feel better soon.


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