Sunday, June 19, 2005

Splutter, cough, splutter

As if its not bad enough having my brain explode this week, I am now sick. Sore throat, sore sinuses, sore ears, cough, aches, increased desire to whinge...

Yes, I have Man Cold: the cold you have when you're not really that sick, but you think you're going to die.

And as an added bonus, just for being so cool and all, I have period cramping. No point in testing today after all - the witch is on her way.

The only good thing about that is that it means that I have managed to achieve a completely normal unmedicated cycle. Yay me.

Under the circumstances, thats the second best thing that could have happened this month.

P.S. in BigW the other day I had this strange desire to by wool and start knitting baby stuff. I haven't knitted baby stuff since primary school when I made our neighbour some very dodgy but well-meant booties. Have I now completely lost the plot????

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