Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Paranoid ramblings in the 1WW

The Monkey asked me the other night if there was anything I wanted to talk about regarding TTC and then he said "Or should I just get online and read the blog?" Smartass.

Yeh, get online, I'm not repeating myself.

I have the day21 progesterone test today, and I've started getting paranoid that I havent actually O'd at all blah blah blah. Really, I think my brain deliberately sets out to find stuff to worry about.

Yesterday I started getting really strong stabbing pain over my left ovary and given that it was 8DPO I jump to the conclusion that since its bang on implantation time I actually have an ectopic... Its still there but not as bad as last night. Maybe if I went to the bathroom...?

I just feel like I know that there is something wrong that taking a few tablets isnt going to fix and we're just wasting precious time messing around with the Clomid. The longer it takes to find out what the real problem is the older I'm getting and the higher the threshold on the Medicare Safety Net goes until either we cant afford treatment or I'm too old to bother anyway.

Oh yes, I'm cheery today!

Can you tell I'm in the 1WW???


Did anyone watch the Today show yesterday? They had a segment on home medical tests and featured the Maybe Baby ovulation predictor kit. Their "medical expert" was talking about how they can be great for helping to pinpoint a woman's most fertile time, but they were a real trap because you could become really dependant on them and start to become obsessed. Personally I think if you've got to the point in TTC where you need an OPK, you're already obsessed.

See - even the medicos dont get it.

Snuh I say.

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