Saturday, June 04, 2005

The countdown begins

I've been doing the good ole ESN. Had 100% fernulence on the Maybe Baby yesterday so I take it that I have definately managed to ovulate all on my very own! And I actually managed to produce EWCM! Woohoo! Its the little things that get me excited these days...

So having done all I can do (including hurting my back by having my butt in the air for 45 minutes to make sure the little buggers stay up there) it's down to the waiting waiting waiting.

I gotta say, I feel more upbeat than I have in a while actually. Its probably because i'm not messing with my pituitary gland this month! It is amazing how much I can react to a small dose of Clomid. Thank God I dont have to go the full 150mg!

I've actually managed to keep busy this week with study, and next week Adam starts his uni holidays for 6 WEEKS! I can put him to work on the renovations! Its something positive to look forward to which is helping a lot at the moment. Plus, Adam is really happy doing his teaching placements, so there is generally less stress in the household. Gotta be happy about that!

You've gotta figure that with 97million of the little buggers, and some decent EWCM this month, one of them will get up there and make friends:

"Hi there. Come here often? Wanna go halves in a baby?"

Ahhh. Comedy Gold!

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