Friday, May 20, 2005

Officially lost it

Well I actually spent the day out and about yesterday rather than moping about the house and it did me the world of good. As did seeing my counsellor. I love her! I want to bring her home and put her in the closet so I can just open the door and say "so, how do I deal with THIS then??"

I was so convinced that AF would show up yesterday, but nothing. I looked in Coles in the city for the Fortel early HPT but they were completely out of stock. Bought another of the test I usually use and did it again this morning, and still a BFN. But no AF either. Now officially late. Still getting cramping, but not like I normally would. Also getting pain over both ovaries which is most unusual except for the last time I was pregnant.

Just got the SA results back from our clinic. Seems they were sent to my Dr last Friday but he still hadnt got them. I had to get them faxed across just now. Grrrr. Well, sperm concentration in 64million (crikey!), morphology is 20% and motility is 41%. According to the world health organisation concentration is great but motility and morphology are below normal.

LATER: Just found a Fortel test.

Giving up on POAS.

Clearly, I have defective pee.

We have an appointment with the gyn on Tuesday afternoon to talk about the SA results, so if nothing by then I'll request a BT and u/s.

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