Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Dont ask...dont tell

One of my internet friends made the comment to me today that she couldnt help herself but tell close friends that they'd just found out she was pregnant, like it was something she should try to hide.

I dont think there's anything wrong with telling your close friends straight away. After the miscarriage, I remember a friend of mine making the comment that next time I'll know not to tell anyone until I'm more than 12 weeks. If anything happens (universe forbid!) its not like you're not going to tell them why you're a mess in the corner, so why not let them share your joy now?

I can just see it: Oh no, I'm fine. Just stubbed my toe. Yeh it REALLY REALLY hurts.

AS IF. I wouldn't not tell someone Monkey Boy had just died. Why shouldn't people know I've had a miscarriage?

I think its more to protect those around us than anything else. People just dont know how to react to a miscarriage, especially an early one. Its just easier on them if they dont know about it at all. And very selfish.

Urg! this has been the longest two weeks in the history of two weekseses. Been getting slight p/pain cramps but no sore boobs this month (guessing its coz the progesterone isnt up near the stratosphere.) Also, I'm a moody cow. (Just generally, not connected to AF! ) No, I jest! I am moody, made more so by the Monkey asking why I'm so moody. Well DUH! But then weirdo stuff happens, like still getting O pain, and getting a slight increase in CM. What the???

I give up. I totally expect AF to arrive in the morning like she always does. Last month I went to the loo first thing the day she was due, got the HPT out of the cupboard and noticed I was bleeding. Timing!

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  1. I totally, totally agree with you.... What could be worse than suffering the pain of a m/c??? Oh... of course... suffering that pain alone while pretending that absolutely nothing is wrong.

    I just do NOT understand that course of logic. The only people protected by such secrecy are the supposed 'friends'.



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