Monday, May 02, 2005

A brief history of Super Ovulatrix and Her Unremarkable Uterus

Or "how crap my life has been thus far...."

I went on the Pill at the tender age of 19. Various brands came and went until I landed on a really high progesterone pill that meant I wasnt the bitch from hell, but I also stopped bleeding. Bonus. No problem.

In 2000 I started developing ovarian cycts. They hurt, but no-one seemed to make a big deal about them, even when one was 7cm long and showed a functional blood supply. They went away on their own.

Then all of a sudden in early 2003, my body went completely wacko. More wacko than Jacko, and thats wacko. I had intense lower abdominal pain that just wouldnt go away. I spontaneously started bleeding, heavily. My boobs doubled in size in two days. I wasn't just the bitch from hell, I was the psycho bitch from hell who couldnt stop screaming and crying and throwing things for 5 days. No doctor knew why. I did pregnancy tests. All negative.

Eventually, I was sent to a specialist. No signs of ovarian cycts, but the pain was still there and still intense. Having sex hurt like hell, to the point of crying. I had a laparoscopy and it was discovered I had endometriosis. Two tiny little patches on the wall under my left ovary. They removed it.

"Dont wait until you're 38 to start trying to have kids" was the gynie's advice. Well, that was my plan. Time to rethink.

Monkey Boy and I were married later that year. I slipped a disc in my lower back on our honeymoon. No - not THAT way. Canoeing. Honest. I ended up having surgery to remove part of the disc after not being able to walk for 4 months and being in intolerable pain. Fabulous start to our marriage. But thats another story.

I went off the pill the day my best friend's son was born, 10 March 2004. Despite being in shitloads of pain with my back, we did the mattress mambo at the appropriate time and to our surprise and joy, we conceived on my birthday and found out on Monkey's birthday. (We're both Leo's!) I'd only just stopped wandering around muttering "oh my god, its a line" when we got the phone call from the GP telling me that the HCG level hadnt increased and I would most likely have a miscarriage.

That was the longest weekend of my life.

I woke at 5am on Monday 31st August 2004 bleeding profusely. Rushed to hospital. Spent all day in Emergency. Total miscarriage.

Followed, not surprisingly, a total breakdown for both of us.

My period decided to go on a long holiday after that. Major abdominal pain at the end of the year sent me back to my gynie, thinking that the endometriosis had come back, but an u/s showed that my ovaries had gone polycycstic. Not just one cyst this time but many.

And now...

I was put on 25mg of Clomid to try to get me ovulating again, which has worked a treat - I've been ovulating twice each cycle for the first two cycles! On cycle 3 now CD14 and just had my u/s this morning to check for follicle growth. This month there's only one. Gynie says for us to try 3 more cycles on Clomid, and DH is off for a Semen Analysis next week (I wonder why he wasnt sent for one earlier, but they seem to think that a pregnancy that ends in a miscarriage is still a positive sign...).

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  1. Oh lord... what horrible experiences you endured... truly awful... I'm so sorry.


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