Sunday, December 24, 2006

Xmas Lovin'

With no permission given whatsoever:

12:26 PM
will do
luv u longtime
me: luv u longtime one dollar
Lala: cheap whore
for you twenty dollar
12:27 PM
me: ty
you too spensive for me
Lala: yw
someday you big spender, you afford me
12:28 PM
me: you classy lady, i make money, i come back for you
Lala: I not wait, but if you lucky, I brush my teeth that day
12:29 PM
okay okay, i come back soon, dont forget me preese
Lala: i don't forget you, happy christmas wench
me: messy kwesnus, slapper


  1. I KNEW you were going to post that! I thought of doing it too.
    luv ya slapper

  2. Merry Christmas Slappers anad all!


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