Saturday, October 28, 2006

Okay, Okay...

I will stop ignoring the Blogger Dashboard button on my browser as it sits there all silent and accusing, waiting for monumental inspiration (or at least three active brain cells) to give me the impetus to post something deserving of anyone's attention.

Sure, there's stuff happening. It just doesnt strike me as particularly interesting stuff. I mean, does anyone really want to hear about my monumental attack of Salmonella courtesy of a rather large portion of Blue Castello cheese, which left me with a fever and not one ounce of fluid in my body for 48 hours, or all the work I've done in my garden weed pit jungle backyard that means we can not only see soil but can also plant stuff like vegetables in it - vegetables that our vast collection of earwigs and grasshoppers enjoy snacking on overnight - or the fact that doing lots of work outside means that no work gets done inside and therefore there hasnt been a clean work surface in the kitchen for about two weeks and its driving me INSANE. See, its just not interesting.

But in a vain attempt to rescue this from being one of those posts where one blogs about having nothing to blog about....

We have a TOOTH! We have clapping! We have independant standing up! It must be his magical wizard powers...


  1. Wow! He's an advanced little wizard. I betcha he's gonna be a really early walker! You better watch out! (Is he crawling?)

  2. Good God Panda, how do you manage NOT to swallow him whole? Look at those cheeks! And so smart and coordinated! And toothing, he'll look even more adorable grinning. What a glorious little blognephew I have!

  3. Thank Goodness you are back...
    You seemed to be living the dream with your health...
    How is your knee??? How's hubby's knee?

    A tooth...

  4. Anonymous4:54 am

    Please blog about your arm pit hair or your navel lint or whatever because we miss you and the great and powerful wizard when you are gone.


  5. Clapping at 6 months is very advanced! Our physical therapist called it a "10-month skill."

  6. So glad to see your post, my friend.

    Magical wizard indeed...I would suspect he has powers to suck all the adorableness out of the world and stuff it into his cheeks!

    Gorgeous pic.

    lots of love,

  7. God, he's so grown up! Baby Eggs cut two teeth this week. I can feel them graze my boob when she feeds...not so great!

  8. Hi, I'm new here. Found your blog whilst googling maternity dress patterns. I've read through your archives (my office job gets quite boring, so I partake in a bit of virtual stalking) and wanted to say congratulations on the happy existence of Spudly! You're a mesmerising and passionate writer.

    I found a page you (and other pre/presently/post-pregnant women) might like a laugh at. A treatise on stylish dressing for the pregnant woman, including logic such as:
    The mother-to-be... goes through various mood swings due to the changes she is experiencing during pregnancy. But then if she is comfortable through this period and happy with her appearance, then the rest falls into place.
    So you see, if you've got nice clothes you don't have to worry about the health of your developing baby. Don't you wish you'd known that long ago? ;-) The rest is here:


  9. Clapping at 6 months is very advanced! Our physical therapist called it a "10-month skill."


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