Sunday, July 02, 2006

What A Difference A Year Makes

One year ago today two people who loved each other very much did something most couples take for granted: they had sex for fun. I know. I KNOW!! They didnt think about propping hips, about the sperm-killing qualities of massage lotion or about having to "clean the pipes" beforehand. They didnt care about the time of the month. Can you imagine??? It wasnt so much that they had given up on ever being able to conceive; they were of thinking about these things all.the.time.

One year ago today, possibly the one remaining non-ugly sperm somehow managed to make its way past the massage lotion and the thickened cervical mucous (without falling out) all the way up to the fallopian tube to meet one of the eggs that had been released that month without going polycystic. They made polite small talk: possibly even asked do you come here often? Then, much like the people they belonged to, they decided straight away that they should get together and make a baby.

One year ago today the thing the medicos said couldnt happen, happened.

One year.

And we've gone from this:

to this:

And it blows me away every single day.


  1. I keep thinking that as well. It is amazing when you put it into perspective like that.

  2. our positive test is still sitting in our bathroom cabinet.

  3. and that is just FRICKING AWESOME!!! Truly a miracle. Congratulations, many times over. :)

  4. Amazing, itsn't it? Seems both like eons ago, that shocked post of yours, and only last month.

    Congrats, indeed!

  5. Congratulations. It only gets better.

  6. sobbing...

    What a day for me to read this... touched my coal-hearted little skeptical soul it did.

  7. Congratulations. It only gets better.

  8. our positive test is still sitting in our bathroom cabinet.


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