Saturday, July 15, 2006

Happy Happy Joy Joy

While refraining from using the "c" word (congratulations) I will now indulge myself in proliferous use of the PREGNANT word and point you in the direction of a PREGNANT Manuela, who has just embraced her PREGANTNESS after the latest startling and very very PREGNANT BETA.

Here's a chick who deserves all the congratulations in the world, but I will restrain myself as she has requested.

I will, however, say I am so freakin' happy for her and Mr. P that I just want to burst.


  1. LOL- pregnant whore! congrats to her!

  2. Hey.... who's calling me a whore!!!
    Barren Bitch if you please! ;-) I'm not giving up that title, even if I am... you know... pregnant.

    Panda... you are such a sweety... this shout-out brought tears to my eyes...

  3. LOL- pregnant whore! congrats to her!


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