Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Fuck You Too, Blogger

You dumb-ass piece of shit, you swallowed half my template and spat it out your dumb-ass somewhere near the Orion Nebula.

Most of my links have gone, so please dont think I've just dissed you. I have to find you all again.



Well after FOUR FREAKIN HOURS I hope all the links are a) there and b) work. Let me know if you find a problem.

Cheers, and thanks for nothin, Blogger. Fix your goddamn bugs!


  1. Panda, it happened to me too and it's AWFUL... my WHOLE sidebar was gone... It happens when we're editing the template and we go open another window or something - when we come back, all that was below the point in which we were working disappears.

    Go save your template in a notepad file right now. That way if it happens again in the future you can always cut and paste the missing parts. Of course the links that are gone will have to be all added again - I did it and luckily I remembered most blogs I read.

    I was extremely upset too... we have every right to be. They have to fix this. (I haven't complained yet, though, but I should - since it's been happening to more people).

  2. It happened to me once where the whole blog was gone and in it's place was one paragraph of garbled text.?? WTF? Took AGES to fix. I can't understand it, but am glad to have Lilian's advice. WILL FOLLOW IT!!

  3. hope you all are feeling better...

  4. What do you expect? American company.


  6. I should really back-up all my posts, but who has time? I have comments to make.

  7. Ohhhh... I am so new to this blogging thing...You are the second person that has been cursed with this...Bad luck comes in threes???? Ohhhh I better get on it...
    BEFORE my glass of wine????


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