Thursday, March 30, 2006

Still Roasting

Gotta love public computers.

I had an appointment at the hospital this morning for a CTG. Spudly's heartrate is fine and dandy, and he's too damn happy where he is. Always willing to get my kit off for doctors, I asked for another internal to check my dilation, and there's been a little progress since Monday, but not much. The cervix is soft but is still posterior so its not yet "ripe". I had another stretch and sweep done, which an hour later seems to have brought on some kind of contraction thingy...

We shall see how that progresses.

Thanks for all the assvice. Raspberry Leaf tea kinda tastes like nothing. Dates are waaaay to sweet for me to be able to eat enough to do any good. I had a nice hot curry for dinner. I am NOT drinking castor oil - how disgusting! I might consider having sex if nothing has happened by the weekend, but I was kinda hoping to avoid going back to the whole "sex because you have to" thing.

Our answering machine is now on permanently. Mostly because we got sick of damn telemarketers ringing from India asking if we want to change our phone company. Not that there haven't been numerous "Well, what's happening?" phone calls too. What's happening? I'm getting sick of the damn phone ringing, that's what's happening.

I've put the Minx in charge of notifying y'all, on account of Manuela leaving the country and not being anywhere near a computer.

Stay tuned. Sooner or later, this Spud will be well and truly ready to come out of the oven.


  1. Oh I hope it is soon. Come on Spudly - We want to see how cute you are!

    Hope you are okay - thinking of you hourly. and I promise not to come back and say "are we there yet?"

  2. Anonymous9:21 pm

    Oy, Spudly. Stubborn little bugger. Here's a glimpse of adolescence for you, Mummy. Ha.


  3. got the parcel - the cute war is ON woman!!!

  4. Hang in there Panda, we're thinking of you (and sending gentle pushes Spudly's way!)

  5. looking forward to your good news! Thinking of you!


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