Saturday, March 25, 2006

I'm confused

At this point, I admit its not hard to confuse me, but why does my countdown ticker tell me that there is only one day to go when Spud isnt due until Monday? By my reckoning that's two days.

*scratches head*

So to clarify, EDD is Monday the 27th.

Not that this makes any difference to anything.

Went to the geepee yesterday and got a lovely box of anitbiotics to get rid of this lurgie. I figured it was time to knock it on the head when after 5 days I still had a fever that was now going up. Still feel shite, but less shite.

Of course, now I run the rick of passing on thrush to His Spudliness. Nice.

Must send Monkey Boy out to buy some yoghurt. And possibly some eclairs.

Note to self: must not confuse the two.


  1. Ugg! Not fair Panda, you shouldn't have to spend your last few days pre-Spudly fighting off germs and high temps.
    Fingers crossed Spudly will be thrush free. ("Yes he has his father's eyes and my yeast infection")

    Not long now!(Whatever the ticker thinks)

  2. Unless you are putting the yogurt up your who-ha you can probably mix the eclair with the gurt and be safe.

    Come on spudly momma needs some relief!

  3. Oooh it's getting exciting here. I've been reading but not commenting. I've been with you all the way. Going to keep checking to see how it all goes.
    All the best!
    Enjoy your eclair and yogurt!


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