Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Fuckity Fuckity Fuck

Not only am I not 5cm dilated, I am also not allowed back in the Birth Centre.

We ended up spending all day at the hospital today. Depsite this radical concept called an APPOINTMENT, we were kept waiting for over an hour before we got to see anyone. Dont they realise how bloody uncomfortable - nay, impossible - it is for a woman at 38weeks to sit for that long on their stupid chairs?

Then the ultrasound from last week showed that my Amniotic Fluid Index was low. I didnt even know there was such a thing until today. And by low, I mean way low. 95% of babies have a higher amount of fluid to play in than Spudly, apparently. AND even though the amount of placenta that is 3cm from the cervical opening is only a sliver, I'm still considered at risk of haemorrhaging. So after a second opinion consult with the Big Cheese, I have been forbidden to use the Low Risk Birth Centre. There was also talk of perhaps needing to be induced early on account of the amniotic fluid issue.

I had an internal exam done that showed that the cervix is ripening, which is good because I look terrible in green. Despite what the ultrasound report said about his head abutting the cervix, his head is not fully engaged. In fact its less engaged than last visit. The Big Cheese dude had a pummell of my belly and declared I'm having a large baby. Well duh. I think we knew that! Since I'm measuring a fundal height of 41cm, guesstimates are at over 4kg (8.8lbs).

I was then sent off for a CTG to check that Spudly was not distressed at all. He's not. He was declared a very healthy happy baby. A healthy happy baby that is very BIG and likes to move an awful lot in not very much space.

I have to have another ultrasound on Thursday to assess his growth and recheck the amniotic fluid volume, and my next clinic appointment is next Tuesday. They want to keep a close eye on me.

My hopes of an interference-free birth are going out the window, with talks of IV and induction and no choice in the use of Syntocinon in the third stage, and greater likelihood of caesarian.

I've decided I will take Lioness's advice of crossing my legs and waving a muppet toy over my head. Since Spud is so happy he can stay where he is.

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  1. Give it a good whirl now.

    Seriously, it sucks rock. I hope Spudly can be convinced to enter stage left soon. You make it too good for him.


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