Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Morning Chuckles

Thanks be to Bugsy for this little gem appearing in my Inbox today


  1. Hahaha! Very cool!

  2. Ha! I forwarded it to my boss.

    No, not your WHOLE WEBPAGE, just a pdf of the comic. I can just imagine my 60-year old white guy boss saying, "Who's this Panda person?"

  3. Well now that's just bizarre!

    Good to catch up on your news Panda...good luck with that floor!

  4. hehe glad you liked it. When I saw it I just HAD to send it to you. It was just perfect!

  5. Just so ya know what you were up to last night... well, you and I met up in Paris so you could give me a package... and then I had to talk you into staying a couple of days so we could tour the sites. I got us a fabulous room in this gorgeous hotel... and we then went down to the bar and ordered $38 martinis...


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