Friday, November 04, 2005

There's another Poll over there

Having resoundedly won the last Vox Pop, I now graciously retire undefeated in the House of Panda Philosophical Debates World Series. Panda: 2 Monkey Boy: 1

You are, of course, all correct. You CAN look at something you cant see. You cant see air, but you are looking at it. You cant see the individual molecules of your computer screen, but you're still looking at them. Monkey Boy is just daft when he says you cant look at something you cant see. That's what you get for swinging from trees and eating bananas all day I guess.

So, the new Poll. We've decided to keep Spudly's name a secret. (Hint: Its not Spudly. Except to my mate M, who insists its an excellent name and will continue to call Spudly Spudly.) Well, when I say secret, of course I mean I've told two people already. But one of those was my therapist, so that doesnt count. The other was told not to disclose on pain of death. We figure that telling people is just opening ourselves up to unwelcome comments on our choice, and protestations about not including any "traditional" family names in there somewhere. Do not fret, my friends: we have not decided upon Mykynzy.

What would y'all do? Spill the beans or keep it a secret?


  1. I think you should spill the beans. But that's mostly because I want to know. Eventually, they will know the name when the baby arrives. Wouldn't you rather deal with all the "why did you choose that name" now rather than in front of Spudly?

    Just a thought.

  2. I voted for "invites trouble", but that only applies to people you see in the real world. You should tell the citizens of Bloglandia.

  3. Cherice3:54 pm

    I vote for keep it a secret. Too many people feel free to give their feedback even though it wasn't asked for. DH and I were telling people and it's been hard work coming up with the solitary name that we like. I don't like hearing mmmmm or oh. It started putting me off it for a while but I couldn't come up with anything else. Everyone's used to Spudly anyway and it really is kinda cute.


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