Tuesday, November 15, 2005

I Know You Have An Opinion

So let me have it.

New Poll time: which way does the toilet paper HAVE to hang?

Not that I'm a Pedantic Whackjob or anything (that's Monkey Boy's job), but I like mine to hang forwards. Easy access when you need it.


  1. Not sure what you mean by forwards, but I have to have it hanging with the tissue coming over the top.

    However, my husband feels the need to see things differently.

    My college roommate and I had a solution: Whoever changes a particular roll sets it, and the other person can't change the orientation until the end. However, as J will leave one square on the roll rather than change it, 99% of the time it's hung 'my' way.

  2. ps I understand that this was the BIGGEST issue (tissue?) ever tackled by Ann Landers. She got something like 100,000 responses to this. People are very passionate about their T.P.

  3. I like the paper hanging over the back.

    By the way, I am fine. Interesting that you had a dream about me.What was I doing? If I looked like a supermodel in it then you'd be absolutely...wrong!

    I am 5'10", bobbes blondy hair and a fat ass! Brown eyes and olivey skin.

  4. Hanging over the top, definitely.

  5. Hanging over the top, definitely.


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